{she’s gone running again} NYC marathon in 3 months!!

Biarritz espadrilles

Ready? obviously we are….let’s go to the beach?

On November 1st, we’ll hopefully run NY. THE New York City Marathon. The largest marathon in the world. No biggie. 

My partner and running buddy got selected in the ballot and I managed to get a package via a private agency so we can both go (if I wait until we both get the ballot…we may be cripples by then!). The marathon of my dreams also comes with a few hurdles: the jet lag, the potential bad weather, the dreaded bridges…. And I’ve had my own niggles and pains to deal with: namely a very sore ITB band since the beginning of the year, plus I recently twisted my knee while doing some acro moves which has prevented me from running altogether for the past couple of months. In fact, I haven’t run properly since the Vienna Marathon, where I had to cut my losses at half time and leave my running buddy finish the other half alone. 
So this is why I’m starting this running blog, I’ll try to describe this journey week by week, hoping that publicly reporting on my training will give me an extra incentive!! 
So let’s start this. 

#Week 1 – holidays in Biarritz, French Basque Country

The place calls more for a plate of tapas and a glass of rosé than heavy training I have to say…and indeed the official Week #1 of the “NYM training” isn’t anything to come home trumpeting about…sight. 
My planning was full of good intentions: swims, surf, runs and my daily “morning routine” of gluts and core exercises. 
Reality is that I’m coming home a few pounds heavier, but I doubt it’s all muscle. 

* The good:

We did go for an 8km early morning run and the knee felt OK, both during and after. ITB band felt a bit sore but nothing I wasn’t able to stretch off. So that’s the main piece of good news.
I managed to put in daily 2 minutes of planking on the beach, as well as a few good but short gluts and abs sessions during weekdays, but clearly given the free time, I could have done – much – better. 

* The bad and the ugly:

Clearly, our diet qualifies as the ugly part. I’m writing this on our way back to London as I feel super heavy and craving for a detox (!!???), I think this statement says it all?
I’m already planning a week of home-made quinoa salads and green juices to make up for some of the foie gras & cake diet we’ve had this week. The sheer thought about the quantity of food )and wine?) we gorged on make me feel a little sick. It was bad. Like, absolutely terrible. Holidays have to come to an end, and it may be for the best – I don’t often say that.

* Next week?

Bring it on Week #2, I’ll show you what I can do! In theory it should start well, Bestie signed me up for a boot camp tomorrow, a “reformer Pilates” course, I’m supposed to come out of there as a transformed woman…I’ll let you know about that next week. 


 Runner’s healthy diet? epic fail…


2 thoughts on “{she’s gone running again} NYC marathon in 3 months!!

  1. J_Deb

    Dudette, on te regarde, niveau accountability il va falloir delivrer!
    Bon courage pour l’entrainement! (t’utilise un plan specifique pour te preparer au fait?)

  2. Obelie Post author

    Pression! je vais faire au mieux, pour l’instant le plan c’est de renforcer gluts & hamstrings et de continuer faire du cardio sans courir pour éviter de me re-blesser. Et puis de recommencer les “long runs” prochainement…
    en terme d’app j’utilise Adidas MiCoac depuis des années, je n’ai jamais eu de Garmin, je prends mon telephone pour courir même si j’avoue que l’iPhone 6+ commence à peser pour l’entrainement!
    Sinon tu te lances un jour? Je pense faire Paris à nouveau en 2016 si ca te tente? (trop chaud en Australie)
    la bise


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