{she’s gone running again} – Week #4/12 – The mad runners

back to work...and terrible weather

Running in the lovely London weather

Today’s a bank holiday in the UK. It means this is one of the few Monday mornings a year where one can jet off to some sunny beach (according to my Facebook feed, this was the preferred option for 75% of my friends), lay in bed (thanks heaven, Facebook doesn’t tell me about that) or just generally chill and enjoy life.

Instead at 830am, I was awaken by a lovely coffee by my favourite Italian, and by 9am we were in a quick warm up session ready to go: the long run has been deferred to Monday this week. The plan was originally to go East, along the canals towards Wapping, pass the Olympic Park and back through Victoria Park, for a 20k or so run. 

So here we are, on what’s our last day off until Christmas, out running at 9am in the cold, buckets of rain pouring on us. We decide to change the itinerary to 3 lapses of Victoria park instead as “we’ll be more sheltered”. Forget that, after a few minutes in the – completely empty – park it’s getting worse: we’re soaked to the core, our trainers are making that distinctive squishy noise with each step, and the cold wind is whistling in our ears. After 2 lapses of misery we wonder if it’s time to cut our losses and head back home? That’s when I hear myself say “now that we’re drenched anyway, we may as well get what we came for”.  

Not only I’m raving mad but also I’m pulling a formerly sane human being with amazing coffee making skills into this insanity. 

In the end, we ran just shy of a half marathon at marathon pace (1 hour and 55min roughly), it’s actually not even bad….

“Marathoning is just another form of insanity.”

John J. Kelly, winner of the 1952 Boston Marathon


This week running stats:

  • Only 27km this week, so the total mileage is down vs. last week, but this doesn’t include the interval sessions
  • One bike interval session of 40 minutes, short intervals (45seconds accelerations) 
  • Saturday run was made of a warm up / cool down, 30min at marathon pace, and about 4.5k at 4″30′ per k
  • Two heavy legs & core sessions

Monday was a strong leg day at the gym, followed by a good stretch. 

Tuesday was interval day, which I kept to the bike (wattbike) for this time again, more by caution really. I was able to get a pretty intense 40 minutes workout out of it, so I was rather happy about this. Wednesday, I was decently sore, in a good way, and glad for a bit of rest and sleep really, so I left it there. 

However, Thursday and Friday went into a blur. One of those end of weeks where attending social commitments, theatre plays, dinners, leaving drinks, welcome drinks etc takes precedent. I got neither rest nor any training and felt rubbish for that; plus I was exhausted by Saturday.  So it was high time to tackle the bank holiday weekend with an energetic boost. 

Saturday then started with an energy packed brunch followed by one of my go-to when i’m down: the rebounding class at Frame. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but 45min of cardio leg workout does it for me. I come out of it pumped up crazy. I don’t do it too often, I think I’d get bored, but it’s such a fun moment, it’s a great weekend starter joker class when I feel a bit down.

After that we rode the momentum and went for an afternoon intensity workout at the park: 5min warm up, 30min at easy marathon pace, and about 20min at 4″30′ per km. I know it sounds stupid but racing for 4/5k and pushing it feels great. It feels like I can run again, like I’ll make it. 

What’s coming up?

The long run has been postponed to Monday morning because of the Bank holidays so the stats will be a bit tweaked next week, especially as we are travelling to Italy over the weekend. 

My plan is to compensate by 2 intensity workout during the week, hopefully outdoor if I don’t catch death in this weather!!

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