{she’s gone running again} Week #3 – stretch it

This week was a stabilisation week. Ideally I wanted to clock in a few more miles, but I’m still on track, and pain-free so the main goals are achieved. 

This week in numbers:

  • 3 runs (Wednesday / Saturday and Sunday) + a cross-training interval session at the gym on Thursday night
  • total mileage: 32k
  • one super tough sports massage on Monday – probably what’s hurt most!!
  • a couple of good stretching sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Sunday long run was only 18k…I suppose drinking (moderately!?) on Saturday night didn’t help holding the distance…silly me

Stretch it

Monday started the week with a sports massage at Pure Sports. I’m massively fond of this sports clinic. They’re just really good at treating and understanding runners and sports enthusiasts in general. After that I wasn’t supposed to run for 48h in order to let the tendons and joins rest and relax. Plus I felt bruised. Like my thigh, hamstrings and calves had been rolled in a pasta machine or something. Well in all fairness, it was nearly that. 

After this and a discussion with the physio about preserving my ITB band and my running capacity, I put the weekly emphasis on stretching. 

My stretching plan is simple: 

  • Pre-workout warming up & dynamic stretching
  • Post workout rolling and yoga stretch

ITB injuries despite being very common, are rather badly understood. Every doctor, physio, trainer and masseur has their own views. Some are pro-rolling, some are against it. I was even told not to stretch the ITB when it’s inflamed as it’s upsetting it more than not. 

So I’m back to what I’ve always done, the basic jazz warm up routine I have had when I was a teenager: 10min of active lower body exercises such as lounges, squats, hips release, shoulder rolls, side stretches…I also added a couple of 1 legged squats and elastic band exercises to make sure I activate the gluts before going. Then on the long runs, I would stop 10/15min after the start to do a few more minutes to stretching against the stairs.  

And post run, I try to take 10min again and go through basic “yoga type” long deep stretches. My hamstrings were so tight on Monday it was embarrassing, I promised I wouldn’t let it go so bad anymore. 

On top of this I need to carry on with the daily gluts routine and bi-weekly legs day….the major issue is to find the time and discipline to fit it all. 

Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. And laugh a lot – it’s good for you!

Paula Radcliffe

What’s on for next week?

This week is back to work time and I need to be DISCIPLINED!! In particular on the stretching and on legs day.

There are several social commitments to work around so I’ll try to put legs day on Monday and Friday, and a long run on Saturday, aiming at a total mileage of 38k o/w a long run of 23k. 

Hopefully the weather stays nice and I even get a bit of a tan like yesterday!

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