The ruins of Pompei, Italy

We wandered for an entire afternoon in the archeological village of Pompei, frozen in time for centuries by the Vesuvius volcano eruption. It is a very open site and a unique opportunity to see a Roman village just as it was. Walking on the streets and thinking of those people who had lived, loved, and run through those exact same streets; were they so different? I found the experience very interactive, we walked through the poet’s house, luxury villa, the Roman bath, open air theatre and even shops…the baking oven seemed like a pizza was going to come out of it any time. Continue Reading

{she’s gone running again} Marathon du Médoc, running with the wine Gods

The Marathon du Médoc was crazy, exuberant, and a lot of fun. The full 42.2km distance, through of some of the most famous vineyards in the world – Bordeaux’s Médoc – in fancy dresses, with a glass of wine in one hand and brie in the other. What’s not to love? Continue Reading

Lake Como vintage charms, Italy

Our dear friends just got married in a fairy tale background: the Lake Como. The Northern Italian lake, only about 30min drive from Milan, is a peaceful escape from the busy city. The vintage charm of the surrounding towns is certainly a perfect background for a traditional wedding…. Continue Reading

Travelling in my kitchen to…Italy, with fresh made grissini for the aperitivo

Summer is here and with it, its lot of lazy drinks and nibbles shared with friends. One of my favourite aperitivo staple are grissini, those lovely flavoured Italian bread sticks.  We have been to Italy Continue Reading