Travelling in my kitchen to… Japan with matcha & white chocolate biscuits recipe

From Japan I came back with 2 packs of super-food matcha powder. It’s basically very bright coloured green tea powder. It’s not only used to make a tea beverage, but also included in cooking, I have tasted all sorts of patisseries, and even ice-cream. I tried first some American style soft baked cookies, but my favourite were the tea biscuits dipped in white chocolate…here’s the recipe Continue Reading

Puzzling Tokyo in the Sakura season

Even just a few days in Tokyo were enough to be dazzled the 3 reasons why Tokyo is an easy city break destination and a quick wedding etiquette guide! For the outstanding service: ease of transport, wifi Continue Reading

Speaking Japanese without hardly saying a word…


Just landed in Tokyo and as my friends predicted, people do not speak so much English, but seem to understand basic indications and overall are unbelievably helpful.

There is a tangible sense of modesty, and people who don’t master English well enough and feel confident with it just wouldn’t dare speaking. At the difference of Paris where this translate into “I don’t understand therefore I couldn’t care less”, people seem to give it a try here!!

I mean, last night after a long trip, a lost suitcase, and surviving the underground maze, I wandered around the Shibuya neighbourhood trying to find the apartment when I found a policeman who walked around with me for a full 15min until I was safe at home. I just couldn’t believe it….where else in the whole world?

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, but just wanted to post this hilarious video by a Japanese / American comic artist who was educated in Japan and made a mock Japanese 101 video. Magic. (For those who want more, his blog:

Photos will come later, I’m busy fua-kin for now 🙂