{she’s gone running again} Week #3 – stretch it

D-69 before NYC Marathon!! I’m a bit disappointed in my weekly running mileage (only 32k) but with regular deep tissue massage and more systematic stretching, I hope to be able to gradually increase it. Continue Reading →

{she’s gone running again} Week #2: the gossip runs 

D-76!! The real start to the NYC marathon training was this week. Easy pace, running with friends and enjoying it, and still pain free. Let’s carry on this way! Continue Reading →

{she’s gone running again} NYC marathon in 3 months!!

The countdown has started, it’s right 3 months before we run New York City Marathon. Or try to. The official first week of training was more of a French heavy food marathon than a kick start to my planning…Girl need help. Continue Reading →

Lake Como vintage charms, Italy

Our dear Milanese friends just got married in a fairy tale background: the Lake Como. The Northern Italian lake, only about 30min drive from Milan, is a peaceful escape from the busy city. Mr Clooney’s certainly Continue Reading →

Travelling in my kitchen to…Italy, with fresh made grissini for the aperitivo

Summer is here and with it, its lot of lazy drinks and nibbles shared with friends. One of my favourite aperitivo staple are grissini, those lovely flavoured Italian bread sticks.  We have been to Italy Continue Reading →