Confession of a (sourdough) bread addict

How would life be without bread? Personally I find it difficult to have a balanced meal without it. Without proper crusty, fresh, flavoursome bread that is, not the industrial sliced “wonder” packed with sugar and fat. All bread is, is water, flour salt – and a bit of love. I started making my own sourdough at home a few years back, and this no-knead recipe is childishly easy, as well as flexible for busy schedules, a perfect way to get on the wonderful bread crumbs trail… Continue Reading →

The picturesque Antigua, Guatemala

The former 16th century Spanish capital has a peaceful feeling to it. The vivid colours of the well preserved baroque architecture, the luxurious patio gardens, the dwarfing surrounding of volcanoes and the creative vibe made me want to stay a little longer! Continue Reading →

Souvenirs and token of travels from..Myanmar: Orchids, or maybe not?

When reading about Myanmar and preparing our trip last year, I stumbled on article describing the amazing fauna and flora of Myanmar, and in particular a vast number of orchids – over 800 different species!! So when I found bulbs at the market, I naturally got really excited…6 month later, it’s in London and blossoming. Although it’s not exactly an orchid, is it? Continue Reading →

Walking on the moon, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

For the May-day bank holiday weekend, we went surfing in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, my favourite off-season sun fix from London. From the road, the dormant volcanoes looked dark, barren, and quite uniform. But this time we took our trekking boots, stepped into the picture, and were rewarded by these eerie and magical views…

Our local guide, Marcello from Canary Trekking, took us for a 3 hours light trek of roughly 7km, and were rewarded by these breath-taking views…

I have published several articles about Lanzarote before (here and there) so I will leave it to a photo diary. It all feels quite eerie and magical… but as they say, a picture speaks better than a thousand words. Continue Reading →

Running and waltz’ing in Vienna

Vienna did not disappoint last weekend: the sun was high up, we discovered an astonishingly pretty (and underrated!) historical capital of Europe, ate some delish’ chocolate cake at the Sacher hotel, then burnt some of that climbing up the 343 steps of the stunning Stephen’s Cathedral, and even waltz’ed in the Rauthaus City hall! Mission accomplished for a first taste of Vienna, and I’ll definitely be back. Continue Reading →

Home sweet home…the annual trip to Normandy

Home for Easter…and home is Normandy, France, home to Camembert, Calvados and grey dramatic skies. A little photo diary of our 4 days in Honfleur, Etretat, Deauville, Trouville, Ste Adresse & Le Havre. Continue Reading →

One-a-penny, two-a penny, hot cross buns!! in my sourdough kitchen

Happy Easter!!! and what screams “Easter” louder than hot cross buns? This recipe is a naturally leavened sourdough method, and therefore a little bit more demanding that Jamies’…but “delayed gratification” is the key word here.

And actually in 1592, Queen Elizabeth introduced a decree forbidding the sale of such buns except on Good Friday, at Christmas, and at burials as they were simply too special to be eaten any other day. Isn’t that the ultimate proof that those little buns are absolutely scrumptious!? Continue Reading →

Up in the trees in Guadeloupe, Caribbean

In June last year, we spent a week in Guadeloupe, one of the French Caribbean island; so far I haven’t written about it, mostly because instead of exploring tirelessly as we normally do, we spent a week chilling out with friends, surfing, kite-surfing, and drinking rum. Well mostly.

But as grey and wet winter is going on in London, I find myself longing for that very special place where we had the chance to stay, the magical tree house of Tendacayou. For an almost grown up little girl who reads too many child books, sleeping up there with the friendly frogs felt like a dream, like time had stopped. It’s a happy moment I still invoke from time to time, when days are particularly grim & gloom. Continue Reading →

Tikal, Guatemala, stepping back into the ancient Mayan civilisation

Now with a brand new blog, and a post that was modestly announced in The Guardian (!!!) it’s about time I start posting some Guatemala photos here! Let’s head then to the spectacular Mayan ruins Continue Reading →